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wood mouldings, timber mouldings and door mouldingsCattles bespoke wood mouldings & door mouldings can be applied to any flat surface to create a customised beaded panel.

Our panel beads, applied mouldings (plant-on mouldings) are manufactured to our customerís specifications.

Panel Beads: Cattles bespoke wood mouldings, used as panel beads, can be applied to flat surfaces to create a customised beaded panel. We manufacture the profiles of our timber mouldings to our customers own panel bead specifications, drawings, samples or a hand drawn sketch The profiles can be either square edged to fit the aperture internally or rebated to sit over the door face.

Our panel bead wood mouldings / door mouldings are supplied fully assembled and fine sanded as a standard square bead or as a rectangular bead. It can also be supplied as a special multi-pane cassette type or rectangular with a shaped top.

Applied Mouldings / Plant-on Mouldings: Cattles bespoke timber mouldings used as applied mouldings (plant-on mouldings) can be used to add extra detail to timber panels, flat or raised and fielded. We also manufacture these particular wood mouldings, used as applied mouldings or plant-on mouldings, to our customerís own specifications.

We will be very happy to discuss your glazing bead, panel moulding or plant on moulding specification through with you. Either call us or to fill in our enquiry form click here.

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