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Cattles Custom Designer Bead Frames
with decorative inlays and exotic woods

Our bespoke Designer Bead Frames made with decorative inlays or from exotic timbers can turn a door into a key design statement. Most commonly these are used for glazing beads but, as a design feature, can be used as matching panel beads.

Interior designers and architects can use the natural beauty of exotic or decorative woods for the interior designs of hotels, offices and other public buildings, and extend the use of these woods to the internal fire doors. The choice of wood can be selected to match or compliment other features, such as flooring or window frames, or alternatively, contrast with a wood-free interior.

Decorative Inlay glazing bead frames

The addition of wood inlay glazing beads creates textures with a wonderful balance of style and design. Contrasting light and dark woods can be used in a variety of classic and modern patterns .

Glazing bead frames in exotic woods

Our Designer Bead Frames can be made from exotic woods of the world. The exotic woods offer some distinctive visual features to chose from such as Wenge, Zebrano and Teak.

Since each piece of wood is unique we take great care to ensure that the choice of colour and grain of the woods are selected to give the best appearance and consistency. Each frame is hand sanded to a fine finish to enhance the natural beauty of the exotic wood finishes, or can be laquered for a pleasing satin or matt finish, which enhances the wood's natural grain. As with all our beads no stains are used on exotic hardwoods.

Examples of some of the exotic timber species we use: -


Wenge is a good choice for interior joinery and can be used for panelling and veneers. As with most exotic woods, it is selected for its colour and dramatic appearance. The heartwood is dark brown, almost black.

On the quarter sawn surface, fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with very dark brown stripes. On the tangential surface, the light lines show up as undulating streaks. Grain orientation is an important consideration to show the wood at its best.

The Wenge tree can grow from 60-90 feet in height; bole usually straight and unbuttressed; with a trunk which can be as large 3-4 feet in diameter. The tree can be found in Tropical West Africa, Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon and Tanzania.


Zebrano is a decorative wood, light gold in colour in wide bands with narrow streaks of dark brown to almost black.

The surface is translucent and luxurious and beautiful both lit and unlit. Zebrano is the ideal choice for many modern environments where the natural design of the wood is a positive addition.

Sometimes Zebrano is also called Zebra Wood and Zingan


Teak has many properties that make it a popular wood for a number of applications from marine to outdoor furnishing. It's these very same properties that make it an excellent wood to use as a bead frame.

Teak is generally straight grained with a medium lustre. Its colour is striking and varies from a golden honey hue to a warm mocha.

Teak, which can grow as tall as 100 ft, is also known as Burma Teak, Rangoon Teak, Moulmein Teak and many other local names. Teak grows in Indonesia, India, and Central America.

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