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Cattles Special Shaped Glazing Bead Frames

All Cattles door glazing bead frames are purpose made to their customers specifications, which can include virtually any shape and size, glazing bread frame or panel beads .

Interior designers, architects and developers have specified highly innovative and attractive glazing bead frames for us to manufacture. We thoroughly enjoy the challenge that specifications of this nature can present. With the combination of our traditional craftsmanship skills and modern equipment it is extremely satisfying to be able to deliver a first class product which will stand the test of time.

One of our specialities is being able to make a mitred joint where curved sections meet straight, producing a sharp point appearance to the perimeter of a frame, but then mirrored on the inside edge. (ie: it can go to a point, and not have rounded corners).

This is a facility which allows consistency of design which is a great benefit to interior designers and architects.

Special shaped glazing beads can be made from traditional hardwoods or an exotic species. There are times when interior designers and architects will chose to paint interior doors and either match or contrast the glazing bead frames. All our glazing beads are supplied with the exposed faces fine sanded that is suitable for painting or polishing with a clear lacquer finish.

Whether our glazing bead frames are specified by door manufacturers or interior designers they will still comply with all health and safety standards.

Special shaped glazing bead designs can include

  • Semi circular or "D" shaped glazing beads
  • Semi circular ended glazing bead frame
  • Oval or elliptical glazing bead frame
  • Extended 'D' shaped glazing bead frame
  • Radiused inset type - this is an effective design feature when a regular extended "D" shaped vision panel has an indented detail on the straight edge, which can be used to mirror a radiused door pull.
  • Quadrants - this is when a pair of doors has two individual quarter circle bead frames on each door facing each other, to produce an overall effect of a circle
  • Broken "D" or extended "D" type where a "D" shaped frame is split up into 4 or 5 segments.
  • A rectangle with an inverted radiused end
  • Virtually any geometric shape, such as a triangle, or a rhombus or a hexagon.

The Benefits of Cattles Glazing Beads and Service

We will be very happy to discuss your glazing bead, panel moulding or plant on moulding specification through with you. Either call us or to fill in our enquiry form click here.

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