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Cattles relies on Hoffmann for growth.

With an established history in general woodworking and quality joinery Cattles has found itself diversifying into the specialist area of glazing bead frame manufacturing for the flush door industry.

Such has been the success of this particular specialist manufacturing route that the company are now supplying a totally bespoke service to door manufacturers nationwide.

Director Tim Cattle attributes the company's success in this sector entirely to the technology and system provided by the Hoffmann dovetail key joint. Glazing frames manufactured at Cattles modern workshops at Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire are, in the main, rectangular or square. However they have equal expertise in constructing asymmetrical shaped frames, round or oval shapes - even rhombus and D-shaped frames.

"When we first started making glazing frames it was using traditional methods of underpinning the joints" explains Tim Cattle. "While this is a generally acceptable and conventional method of jointing, the Hoffmann system gives us a number of significant advantages. Mainly it pulls the joint together in a much tighter joint giving us the superb joint finish quality that our customers expect. It also creates far stronger joints and is more versatile when it comes to creating other and more complex joints than straight mitre joints. Basically the Hoffmann system is just so good at joint making."

Cattles were first introduced to the Hoffmann system some 8 years ago and installed their first bench-mounted MU2 keyway router to replace their conventional jointing method. The Hoffmann system works by accurately routing out the two opposite keyway slots on the underside of the faces of the two components and then inserting the serrated Hoffmann dovetail key which pulls the two faces together in a permanent, secure and perfect joint that will not flex or move and gives a perfect finish on the visible face. The system is easy to set up fast and requires no after clamping for glue drying times or any other process. The quality of the joint is excellent and conforms to the requirements of door manufacturers who are producing specialist fire-rated and acoustic doors.

Over the last five years Cattles have expanded their glazing frame service significantly. In the process they have relied on Hoffmann and invested in a second bench mounted Hoffmann router and then two free-standing Hoffmann machines with alternative clamping and routing set-ups. They have also invested in a Hoffmann double mitre frame saw for the absolute perfect angles on the faces of the components to be joined.

"Our service is totally bespoke and we need to ensure that we can react quickly to orders of all sizes and supply dimensional accuracy with secure joints that need to operate in special purpose doors including 120 minute fire door applications" explains Tim Cattle. "It is entirely down to the Hoffmann system and technology that we have been able to achieve this" he adds.


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